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What is the name of the song played on the Cricket [BBC] highlights? | cricket highlights

cricket highlights it sounds a bit similar to a barry white-esque strain as good as a bugging me who sings it!
anybody know who as good as what a called?!

Answer by nalakafairly
It’s pleasing game………………………………………………………………………………………………………

chitral photso attached
cricket highlights

Image by groundreporter
5th Jishni Dadkhandori Drosh Cricket Tournament 2010 concluded.
Saidq Eleven degraded immature star cricket team.

CHITRAL: Fifth Jishni (festival) Dadkhandori Drosh Cricket Tournament
2010 finished during polo belligerent Drosh. The sports events had kicked upon 5th
November 2010 where 40 crickets Teams participated in a tournament.
The contest was orderly by Dadkhandori Sports Club as good as Welfare
Society Drosh. The final compare was contested in between Young Star
Cricket Team as good as Sadiq Eleven Cricket Team Potenandeh Drosh in which
Saidq Eleven degraded a opposition group of Young Star cricket Team with 6
wickets. Bating initial Young star since a aim of 128 runs in 15
over. Sadiq Eleven group completed a aim in fourteen Over with a detriment of
6 wickets as good as spoken Winner group of a tournament. Former President
of Pakistan Peoples Party Tehsil Drosh Javed Akhtar was arch guest on
the arise who distributed trophy, Cup as good as awards between a players.
Addressing upon a arise Javed Akhtar pronounced that a players are
playing here in polo belligerent of Chitral Scouts Drosh since there is
neither open track nor any fool around belligerent for a girl of Drosh. He
hailed services of Dadkhandori sports bar as good as Welfare Society who
provide such opportunities of entertainment, compelling of sports and
engaging a immature era in positives activities as good boosting
hidden skills of youth. He demanded for investiture of a public
stadium during Drosh as good as fool around drift in opposite tools of this
overcrowded Tehsil. He voiced rupees 8000 for organizing committee,
3000 for leader team, 2000 for curtain up group as good as 1500 for APP
correspondent G.H. Farooqi who regularly fool around revisit to this remote area
for coverage upon proffer basis. They additionally awarded special esteem to
Mr. Farooqi of APP. A vast series of spectators both from young
generation as good as elderly people were benefaction upon a occasion.

Namosi Risalat Rally hold during Drosh.

CHITRAL: A convene comprising over hundred of people were hold here at
Drosh a little 45 KM from here heading by Qari Jamal Nasir Convener of
Namosi Risalat Council Drosh. The convene was converted in a public
meeting after on. Different personalities delivered speeches to the
public assembly (gathering.). The open assembly was presided over by
Maulana Musharaf Khan Khateeb Jamia Masjid Bilal Drosh. Through a
unanimous fortitude they demanded for existent as good as ancillary of
Section 295/C in a constitution as good as warned any legislative addition in this
blasphemy law as good as stressed upon giving of genocide judgment to those who
committed of blasphemy. They voiced of their entirely await of this
act. They additionally demanded for dogmatic 2010 as year of Namosi Rislat
year. They voiced of their entirely await of Muslims all over the
country who have kicked transformation for insurance of Blasphemy law and
declared that open meetings as good as convene would be hold in vast towns of
Chitral as good as Seerat Conferences would be hold in all Mosques
(Masajid) of Chitral to prominence characters of a Holy Prophet

They additionally demanded for giving genocide judgment to Christian lady Asia
Bibi who committed of heresy as good as bungle in respect of a Holy
Prophet. Those who spoke upon a arise were Al-Haj Khurshid Ali,
Fazle Rashid, Abid January of ANP, Sher Jawan of PPP, Maulana Israruddin
Al-Hilal, Maulana Inamul Haq, Qari Jamal Abdul Nasir Convener Seerat
Conference as good as Maulana Mushraf Khan who was presiding over a public
meeting. A vast series of people belongs to all travel of hold up attended
the open assembly that was hold upon categorical Peshawar Chitral highway for
hours. At final Qari Jamal Nasir congratulated a open per of
conversion to Islam of a Christian couple.

G.H. Farooqi PO Box NO. 50 GPO Chitral Pakistan phone NO. 03025989602,
0943-302295, 414418

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