Friday, June 17, 2011

what do you think about mumbai indians after this match? | mumbai indians

mumbai indians how was zaheers final over?
and additionally can MI validate to semis?

Answer by Brad James
i dont care

Indian Activists Fight Corruption
As crime runs amok in India, a full of color expel of activists takes upon a politicians.
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CSK vs Mumbai Gametime – 11
mumbai indians

Image by superstarksa
Close-up of World Famous Star CSK batsman Subramaniam Badrinath as he nurdles a round to excellent leg for a four.

Shivan-Narresh to showcase swimwear during Miami
New Delhi, Jun twelve (IANS) Desinger twin Shivan-Narresh have been receiving their latest pick up Mosaic to a Swimwear Association of Florida (SAF) uncover in Miami, creation them presumably a initial Indians to experience in a event, that starts Jul 16.
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