Monday, May 16, 2011

did the mumbai indians reach the finals of the ipl? | mumbai indians

mumbai indians i havnt been up to date with a ipl matches though i wish know if a mumbai indians done it to a finals. if not who all did. as well as if not again afterwards how matches do they need to win to do so.
plzzz help

2 some-more wins can take them in final 4 b’coz they mislaid to DD yesterday or if CSK lax to DC as well as a single win.

Wicket was not to a liking, laments Tendulkar
Mumbai, May fourteen (PTI) Mumbai Indians captain Sachin Tendulkar didn’t censor his beating per a Wankhede Stadium frame which offering large spin to a spinners.
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Elephants, Trafalgar Square
mumbai indians

Image by Rodents rule
Elephant 145 (blue) – Mumbai Indians
Elephant 149 (yellow) – Chennai Super Kings
Elephant 150 (red) – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Flashy conform grows as India’s abounding flourish wealth
In sepulchral India, being abounding is not enough. For a wealthy classes, it’s increasingly about flash their resources in ways standard of a nouveaux cache in Russia, China or a Middle East.
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