Friday, May 13, 2011

Can the indian team survive without the delhi daredevils? | delhi daredevils

delhi daredevils a brave devils in a tanned group are:
virender shewag….
gautam gambhir…..
and amit mishra….

i consider these 3 daredevils have been a many critical players in a cricket team……

what have been your thoughts….

Answer by hershp
they have been positively unequivocally critical to a success of tanned team, though me thinks a group ould still be plain but them, sachin, dhoni, yuvraj, rohit all good players

Dhoni guides Chennai to easy win
Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni beaten an dominant 63 as Chennai Super Kings degraded Delhi Daredevils by eighteen runs upon Thursday to probably book a play-off berth in a Indian Premier League.
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Dhoni leads Chennai to easy win over Delhi in IPL
Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni burst an dominant 63 off usually 31 balls to propel fortifying hold up Chennai Super Kings to an 18-run win over Delhi Daredevils in a IPL upon Thursday.
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