Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Price on Zulqarnain Haider for Calling Kamran Akmal's Father in Law Bookmaker? $100million

Price on Zulqarnain Haider for Calling Kamran Akmal’s Father in Law Bookmaker? $100million

zulqarnain haider rehman malik shazia as well as fizza

Zulqarnain Haider might be face to face with a couple of genocide threats to come behind home. However, his homecoming has been only as terse, partly by his own 'revelations'.
The Pakistan wicket screw batsman returned to Pakistan from England as well as was greeted by a Pakistan Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, as additionally by his relieved wife, Shazia as well as daughter Fizza. However, not everybody saw Haider's homecoming in utterly a same light.

It might be removed which Haider had fled from Dubai during a Pakistan South Africa array to England, claiming nuisance as well as genocide threats from bookies hounding him to tank matches. His disappearance did not cut ice with a Pakistan Cricket Board as well as his looking haven in England lifted a couple of suppositional issues.

However, Haider eventually motionless to come home. But it has not wholly been a pleasing experience. One cricketer who is obviously indignant with his associate partner is Kamran Akmal. Another in a cover of a wicketkeeper batsman, Akmal has not done a Pakistan's debate of a West Indies since of his bad fielding skills as well as his batting form. But off margin counts have been approaching to keep him busy.

Akmal's father-in-law is receiving it a step serve by suing Haider for insult to a balance of $100 million for boring his name in to a plod when Haider indicted him of personification bookmaker. Haider had additionally done quarrelsome comments about Kamran's immature brother, Umar Akmal. But assumingly it is his accusations about a father in law which have landed him in difficulty as well as Haider will have a outrageous charge forward of him, even though a lawsuit, to behind his claims.

While Haider might be harbouring hopes of personification for Pakistan again, maybe he will need to supplement a little weight to his reasons prior to a rest of a group as well as a Pakistan cricket companionship give him a satisfactory chance. It is an hapless unfolding currently in Pakistan cricket where cricketers have been looked on with distrust even when they explain to be in a clear. However, Haider's resources of disappearance leave him with no preference though to lay all counts in a open, genocide threats or differently in a seductiveness of himself as well as his family.606355

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