Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to find Medical Transcription Legit Jobs

I am wanting to go into medical transcription and work from home. But all the courses are so expensive that I don't want to make a mistake by going through a company that is not legit. I'm needing some help from some medical transcriptionists out there as to where you received your training from? I currently do not have any of the equipment such as the foot pedal or even a laptop so a company that offers that stuff along with their training would definitely be a plus. Hope I get some great answers. How to find Medical Transcription Legit Jobs

Check or the U.S. Department of Labor websites for info on how many transcriptionists will be projected for your area.
I do the work part-time and I don't see much projected at least in my state. So it may require you to relocate once you get a certificate.
Typical pay for transcriptionists to start is between $ 10.00-14.00 an hour, depending on whether it is hospital, at home, or a doctor's office. What is the cost to take the medical transcription course

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