Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are the Mumbai terrorists really Indians? Why do they do such a thing to their own country? | mumbai indians

mumbai indians Seeking Independence? Freedom? Democracy? They all have it already! Plus, aggressive a civilians is a undiluted approach to remove await from people. 9/11 was hold by foreigners, to move down a US economy. Why would their own people wish to move down their own economy??

With such concurrent attack, as well as in this vast scale, no approach it can be finished but await from inside.

Answer by cheeky_m99
It’s self-murder to be a sufferer – zero else in it

Personally i do not caring a single bit

CSK vs Mumbai Pre-Toss Warmup 8
mumbai indians

Image by superstarksa
Now Dhoni walks over to check a representation as Jonty searches for his subsequent victim

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