Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Cricket, Tutorial (Bboying)

JACKHAMMERS TUTORIAL COMING SOON (WHEN we FIND A GOOD SPOT TO FILM IT) Made this for a little friends who indispensable assistance upon this move. Trial as well as Error: Q: we can’t pump. A: Master a handglide(table) freeze. That’s how we get some-more change as well as some-more change = improved execution. Q: How do we siphon correctly? A: Like in a video, we pronounced to somewhat magnify your arm as well as pull AGAINST a floor. Use your brusque to keep change as well as assistance pull off too. Tips: Keep rotating your palm as we cricket towards your citation which you’re going. (for CCW, spin your left hand). Swing your hips up to assistance pumping.

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